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2017 NFL Regional Combines

November 17, 2016

imageFor your information, registration for the 2017 NFL Regional Combines will open December 5, 2016. Please visit our website at for an overview of the combines and player registration requirements. We ask that you direct college players to our website for registration who finished their senior seasons of eligibility in 2016 and are eligible for the 2017 NFL Draft.

As part of the Combine Series, the NFL developed the Regional Combines to serve as a supplement to the NFL's National Scouting Combine. The Regional Combines are designed specifically to provide opportunities to players to display their pro potential and ensure that pro prospects are not overlooked. To be eligible for participation, players must be draft-eligible for 2017 and not a participant in the National Scouting Combine. To determine your draft eligibility, please read the NFL Eligibility rules.


The NFL Regional Combines will be hosted at NFL club facilities where players in attendance will participate in a comprehensive workout administered by senior combine staff. At the conclusion of the workouts, combine results will be accessible to all 32 NFL clubs along with player videos which will be uploaded to respective player profiles within 2 weeks. Players will have access to their results and the autonomy to distribute the results through new and traditional media mediums to scouts and executives in other professional leagues. Please note, the NFL Regional Combines will be covered by the NFL Network and local media.


February 11
Virginia Mason Athletic Center
February 18
Texans Methodist Training Center
February 25
Washington DC
Inova Sports Performance Center
February 26
Washington DC
Inova Sports Performance Center
March 4
Vikings Practice Facility
March 11
New Orleans
Saints Practice Facility

Players that wish to sign up as a long snapper can register at a positional combine. We will only be testing Kickers/Punters on February 26, 2017 in Washington DC.


To register for NFL Regional Combines players must register online at If you would like to speak to an NFL representative, please call 212-450 2434 or email us at

A registration fee of $160.00 will be charged for each position player combine. Players may only attend one (1) combine location. Payment must be made by credit card; no walk-ups are permitted. The deadline to complete registration for a Combine is 12:00 AM EST, on the Monday prior to the Combine that they have selected to attend. Please understand that registration will not be complete or spot reserved until a background check has been completed and payment has been received.

There are only 150 spots available at each position combine. We encourage players to register early to guarantee the combine location of choice. If any of your players would like to try out as a long snapper they would need to register for a position player combine. Players who will exhaust their eligibility at the conclusion of the 2016 college football season cannot register until after the completion of their college season; however, once your season has concluded we encourage all players to register as early as possible to guarantee the combine location of their choice.

Please note that you should advise your players to register for a Combine that does not conflict with their school's Pro Day. A Regional Combine workout should not be viewed as a replacement for a pro day, but an additional opportunity to be noticed by scouts.

If any of your players register for an NFL Regional Combine and are subsequently invited to the National Scouting Combine, they will receive a full registration fee refund if they decide to cancel their NFL Regional Combine registration.

On behalf of the National Football League, we would like to thank you for making your players aware of this valuable opportunity to participate in the NFL Regional Combines.

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